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Kazuri,which means small and beautiful in Swahili, is hand-painted ceramic jewellery made in Kenya. Every bead which makes up a necklace is shaped by hand by one of the 300 local women employed by Kazuri.

Although not British I could not leave Kazuri off this website due to the support this company provides to disadvantaged women.

Founded by the late Lady Susan Wood, Kazuri is still located where she first started creating employment for struggling single mothers back in 1975.  The women employed by Kazuri receive a salary 3 times more than the average national wage in Kenya. Full medical cover is offered to employees and their relatives: 80% of medical costs in public hospitals are supported by Kazuri, a clinic is located within the grounds of the property for basic medical care, prevention of AIDS and family planning. Through its social commitment and contribution in creating jobs for women in difficulty, it is natural that the company enjoys the label IFAT (International Fair Trade Association) in recognition of its social commitments to Fairtrade. 

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