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Chris Lewis is a Scottish jewellery designer whose designs are sold around the world.   Chris works with a formidable list of high profile clients; designs bespoke collections, and contributes to fashion shows. Worn by celebrities,  his designs have been widely  acclaimed within the fashion press for his signature use of textures - hammered, organic and polished to capture light in many different ways.



“To embrace elegance and create design classics in sterling silver with handmade immaculate finishing”


Brand Ethos

Chris Lewis jewellery is a luxury product with a unique design ethos. Designs are contemporary, but unusual, fashion-forward, but timeless. This singular approach has made Chris Lewis the destination for women who are totally confident with their own sense of style, and choose key pieces each season to reflect their individual approach to style. The designs are exquisitely and individually hand-crafted, with an uncompromising level of quality. 

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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