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  • End of Season Sale
    End of Season Sale

    Summer is coming to an end but many either without children or whose children are grown will still be flying off to sunny climes so take advantage of the end of season sale.  

  • Summer Boho
    Summer Boho

    Summer is a wonderful time to experiment with bold colours and textures that any other time, unless boho is your constant personality style, you wouldn't normally wear.  Holidays, festivals,  BBQ parties are all perfect opportunities to be boho chic, whether you're in shorts or in a beautiful floaty dress. 

  • Sea Shell /MOP
    Sea Shell /MOP

    Sea shell, Mother of Pearl and other semi precious stones are a major trend this season.   Choose from these beautiful pieces for those Summer evenings (maybe BBQ's if we're lucky with the weather this year!) holidays or even a special occasion.  Feminine, boho, chic, it's all here: understated or impactful; for layering or for stacking there's something for everyone's style and for teaming with the season's 'neutral' trend - shades of camel, taupe, khaki, cream and yes, beige!

  • Minimalist Style
    Minimalist Style

    For those whose personal style leans towards the ethos less is more, who don't feel comfortable in the statement trends  or who work in an environment where flamboyance is frowned upon, this collection gives you elegant, sophisticated, contemporary options which will add the finishing touch to an outfit in a modest understated way.  

    These are also ideal basics for a capsule jewellery collection.

  • Colour Pop 2019!!
    Colour Pop 2019!!

    The catwalks were ablaze with great colours for 2019;  Deep Reds from Fiesta to Burgundy;  Pinks through from Pale Rose to Deep Magenta; Yellows from Soft Lemon to bright Egg Yolk; Greens from Moss to Neon; more pastels in the way of Lillac, Lavender and Blue but look out for deepest Navy, Living Coral, Turmeric and Mango!  Something for everyone whether cool or warm toned. Jewellery is a fabulous way of bringing colour into your wardrobe for an immediate update!  

  • Natural World
    Natural World

    Jewellery designers find inspiration in many different places but the natural world, unsurprisingly perhaps,  is a recurring source 

  •  Office Style
    Office Style

    For many who work in an office environment where the ‘uniform’ can be fairly restrictive, often monochrome, your ‘out of office’ choice of accessories may not be appropriate but a few well chosen, quality pieces can set you apart, make you look more together, empower you to feel more confident and complete your image. 

  • Talismans

    Symbols of love, prosperity, wisdom and more from great brands including Muru.  Great gifts with meaning for loved ones

  • Heroes

    These hero pieces will provide maximum impact without overpowering.  If really big, glitzy statement pieces are not your style then consider one of these from some of the best designers in Britain.  They will add class and sophistication to any outfit.  

  • Hoops & Statement
    Hoops & Statement

    Hoops and statement earrings have been on trend for some time and it's a trend that's continuing  but this season hoops especially are at the forefront! Choose a shape and size to suit your frame and personality style.  There's plenty to choose from ......

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Showing 1 - 24 of 478 items

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