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Joy Roberts

Sophisticato was born because for a long time I had felt that there was just not an easy way to find enough choice in good quality, well designed fashion jewellery;  those elegant, sophisticated pieces that would complete an outfit, ‘a look'; pieces that have finesse and longevity but show you have style.

While we still lag behind Europe and the US on the importance we place on jewellery as part of our daily wardrobe it is, quite rightly,  becoming an increasingly integral part of a woman's wardrobe.  The right jewellery can complete a new outfit; give an older outfit a new lease of life but perhaps more importantly, just like the clothes you wear the right jewellery can actually say something about your personality and transform the way you feel about yourself even increasing your confidence.   For those of us who these days make most of our purchases online it has become essential to be able to also find that so important finishing touch online.

My aim is to save you time by curating collections from some of Britains finest designers.  All my suppliers are carefully chosen so whether you're self treating or purchasing a gift for a loved one you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting high quality jewellery at an affordable price.   I hope you enjoy your shopping experience but remember that we will be evolving and continually adding new lines to keep pace wth current trends and seasons so whether you make a purchase or not, please sign up to receive our updates and news of special offers.

Customer Service is of paramount importance so if you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joy Roberts

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