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Penny Levi the company, bears the name of its founder, master creator, and the driving force behind this exclusive bijoux design enterprise.
Penny Levi has always had an eye for fashion, coupled with a rare talent to anticipate, predict and design the shape of things to come. Having lived on almost every continent of the globe, her influences are as complex as her designs are intricate. 
Penny with her own radical designs and concepts has encouraged young undiscovered jewellery designer talent from across all the continents to converge under one roof in London, bringing to this young vibrant design house an eclectic mix of art and fashion steeped in tradition yet with an extremely modern twist. 

Breaking away from the run of the mill High Street razzle dazzle, Penny has launched year after year exciting fashion costume jewellery, unique in design which have made those that wear them trendsetters.

As Penny said in a recent interview, "Penny Levi designs are as unique as the people who sport them and the people who create them, it is my vision to create unique quality designer jewellery."

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